Jan 07 2017


Franchise Business in India with a Low Investment

Franchise Business in India with a Low Investment

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With each passing day India and its economy is expanding and opening new doors for various opportunities. If you wish to start your business initially on a small scale then there are various small business franchise opportunities for you. In recent years many people have left their white collar job for starting their own business as Indian market is flooded with an array of small business franchise opportunities. The biggest advantage of starting your own business is that you are your own boss and also there is more opportunity to grow. If you are looking for one of the best small business franchise opportunities then sectors like automotive, healthcare, IT, health and beauty care, retail, business services and many more are there for you. If you look around the successful franchise companies in India. In short span of time US Dollar Store have expanded their base and covered every corner of India. The biggest highlight of this company is that despite being big players in the market they still provide small business franchise opportunities to the people. Being leaders in their respective fields all these have opened doors for those people who are looking for small business franchise opportunities in India. If you think this small business franchise opportunities are only restricted to food and automotive then you are wrong as sector too is on expand. And all the credit goes to the expanding franchising opportunities. Therefore, if you wish to break free from your routine job then various small business US Dollar Store franchise opportunities are there for you.

There are a lot of franchise and licensing opportunities on the market, and it can be difficult to figure out which business model is the right choice for today’s struggling small business marketplace. In the end it’s ALL about earning the HIGHEST PROFIT from the LOWEST TOTAL INVESTMENT, with the least amount of risk. Most people tend to go through the process of selecting the franchise category with the wrong focus. First of all, it’s shouldn’t be mostly about what’s right for you (although that should be considered), it really is about what’s right for EVERYONE ELSE. It’s about what the market needs. If the market doesn’t need it (or doesn’t need ENOUGH of it), you are going to have difficulty making money with it. Many franchises in today’s world have WAY TOO MUCH COMPETITION, and this competition drives down prices, dilutes profits, and splits up market share.

It’s also VITAL that you look at the TOTAL COST to launch the business, not just the franchise or licensing fee. What are the costs for: Leasing a space and build out costs Permits,utility deposits, insurance Inventory and equipment Vehicles Working capital Phone & computer systems, etc. The TOTAL AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU WILL INVEST before you make the first sale. You are going to quickly discover that the $50,000 franchise that you were considering is going to become a high profit business opportunity $250,000 venture. Home based franchises are typically much less expensive to launch: Much lower general overhead No leased space, deposits, build out, etc. No rent or liability insurance No additional insurance Now, consider the sales volume that the franchise will need to achieve to give you a reasonable Return ON Investment (regular INCOME that you receive on the investment), and Return OF Investment (the eventual re-payment of the cost to launch the project).

More overhead equates to higher prices and lower profits, so the home based franchise has an advantage from the start. Imagine the extra sales that a “brick & mortar” business with the extra overhead will have to achieve to just GET EVEN with a home based business. Not saying that “brick & mortar” is bad – and it isn’t” – just saying think about the realities of the categories of franchises. If you are launching a franchise on a limited or tight budget, look for a business model with a lowest possible initial investment and the highest possible profit potential then US Dollar Store Franchise is best Option.

Many of those will be home based business models and home based franchises because of these basic reasons. so often it comes down to examining the low investment franchise business model to determine if a storefront is necessary for success. Many service businesses do not need a storefront in today’s world, US Dollar Store actually have increased appeal to many consumers as a home based business. Look at the marketplace, and examine the franchise concept, and pick your franchise based on the lowest possible investment to achieve the highest possible profits . . . and often, that means choosing a franchise that has low overhead.

US Dollar Store Services is the largest developers of Dollar Stores Stores. Dollar Store Services offer a turn-key business model with assistance every step of the way: they help find the best store location, deal with leasing, obtain financing, set up the store interior, and more. Owners have access to merchandise purchased at rock-bottom prices from a quality supplier network.

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