Mar 28 2023


US Dollar Store Among High Profile Delegation at Indonesia-India Business Forum

US Dollar Store, a popular retail chain known for its affordable prices and quality products, was part of a high profile delegation that attended the Indonesia-India Business Forum which was hosted few years back on January 22, 2018. The forum was hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry and brought together business leaders and government officials from both countries.  

Mr. Gaurav Sahni, Director of US Dollar Store, was part of the delegation of business leaders who attended the forum to discuss opportunities for trade and investment between Indonesia and India. The forum aimed to promote collaboration and partnerships between the two countries, which have a long-standing economic relationship. 

During the forum, Mr. Sahni expressed his excitement about the potential for US Dollar Store to expand its trade and presence in both Indonesia and India. “We see great potential in these markets and are eager to explore opportunities for growth and expansion,” said Mr. Sahni.  

Industry leaders turned out in large numbers to attend the forum meet. 

US Dollar Store’s participation in the Indonesia-India Business Forum underscored its dedication to broadening its global presence and venturing into new markets. Renowned for its commitment to delivering quality goods at competitive prices, the company was strategically positioned to emerge as a significant player in the retail sectors of both nations.

Moreover, the forum served as a pivotal platform for fostering discussions on bolstering trade and business connections between Indonesia and India. With bilateral trade nearing $18 billion in 2017, these countries maintain a robust economic relationship. The event offered an avenue for enterprises to explore avenues for augmenting trade and investment flows, thereby stimulating economic advancement.

The event marked an important milestone for US Dollar Store as it continued to expand its global presence. With its focus on providing quality products at affordable prices, the company was poised to make a significant impact in the retail sectors of Indonesia and India. 

Honorable Indian Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu-Year2018, 
Excellency Honorable Minister Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita -Year2018,  
Excellency Ambassador of Indonesia Mr Sidharto suryodipuro –Year2018,  Mr Sahni US Dollar Store ,Senior officials, representative of CII, FICCI, trade and commerce organisations,

The Indonesia-India Business Forum was an important event that brought together business leaders and government officials to discuss opportunities for trade and investment. The participation of US Dollar Store in the high profile delegation highlighted the company’s commitment to expanding its global presence and tapping into new markets.  

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