Jan 02 2017


Why Dollar Store retail

Why Dollar Store retail 

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The most surprising retail success story in America today is that at Dollar Stores. Business is booming at the bottom-feeding small box operator even though it seems to break all the modern retail rules.

If that wasn’t enough, the amount of Dollar Store’s revenue growth actually exceeded that of Target. US Dollar Stores in the world are recording about double digit growth on year on year basis.

The truly fascinating thing about Dollar Store 99 is that it breaks a lot of the present day retail rules. It operates basic bare bones discount stores selling low-end merchandise at very low prices.

Dollar Store 99 franchised outlets caters to lower class customers and operates stores in places that other retailers shun. Many of its stores are in rural communities across the globe through franchising. It also regularly makes the lists of the worst companies in America to work for.


Personally, I think that a number of factors and converging trends account for success of retail stores such as US Dollar Store 99 also promoted by Nanson Overseas Pvt Ltd. These trends and factors include:

  • Growing income inequality.


  • Change in Lifestyle of consumers particularly Middle Class – Aspirers


  • Strong push for the lower middle class and working class customer and rural customers – opening in rural cities or as we say b,c,d grade cities in India.
  • Interests the working class  —  Value seekers


  • Serving all demographics


Now for the billion dollar question: Can Dollar Stores keep it up? The answers is YES till the date there is existent of people who want to opt for value for money retail deals….


Dollar Stores concept have doing very well in recent years largely because strong growth in prescription demand is driving customers into their small box locations.


Gautam Sahni



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