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Franchise India ‘US Dollar Store’ has been helping to start a affordable business.
Today, there are over 15,000 customers assisted by us

Franchise India

Franchise Dollar Store is the fastest growing business expansion arm of an India based incorporation. The basic concept, image and its unique business strategy has a proven record-breaking profit history of more than a decade. Franchise for sale is keen towards offering great business opportunities with prompt expansion in India. Franchise in India is continually seeking enthusiastic, motivated entrepreneurs with sound financial and business qualifications.

Franchise Business

Franchise in India – US Dollar Stores provides great franchise opportunitiesbusiness opportunities, ideal business idea, for best business start-up in India, buy Franchise, with affordable range. with small business idea our Franchise stores is the fastest growing retail segment that keeps huge variety of products like food, beverages, health and beauty, candies, pet accessories, auto accessories, Toys, Gifts & Home Decor etc. So, if you have keen desire to learn and grow, and want to relish the benefits of working within an exceptional franchise system, then contact Franchise Dollar Stores today. We offer customers a unique and delightful shopping experience unfolded by international ambiance, friendly staff and technology. Are you interested in opening your own franchise store?

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    Franchise Business Information

    Franchise Business InformationUS Dollar Store Inc., is continually seeking enthusiastic, motivated entrepreneurs with sound financial and business qualifications. If you have a desire to learn and grow, and want to enjoy the benefits of working within an exceptional franchise system, then contact US Dollar Store today !

    Franchise Business Model

    Franchise Business ModelThe estimated initial investment for establishing a US Dollar store Franchise is very affordable and low cost. If you have just $20,000 – $30,000 in cash, good credit and collateral, we can assist you in attempting to secure a loan through the Small Business Administration or your local lending institution.

    Franchise Business Support

    Franchise Business SupportUS Dollar Store offers complete in-store training and merchandising for nearly all of its Dollar Store packages. Even with our basic package, you will be trained professional by remote means so that you Manage your store. Franchise will also always have access to a representative who will provide all type of support and services. You are never feel alone with US Dollar Store.

    Franchise Marketing Support

    Franchise Marketing SupportFor Franchise Marketing Support in India contact US Dollar Store. Us Dollar Store is the only dollar store franchise that operates and has a huge Advertising Fund which is a unique strength to this franchise business promotion activity. A Experienced Marketing Director runs the Us Dollar Store franchise Model System.

    Why choose us

    Franchise Training

    We train you in store operations, employee policies, buying trips, advertising procedures, inventory control, bookkeeping and other aspects of franchise marketing and merchandising.

    Advertising Support

    We do support you in all type of advertisements you wish to release as per our advert policy. We support you in professionally produced advertising and marketing. Additionally, we aid you with grand opening to leave a lasting impression.

    Assistance in Location Selection

    We assist in selecting your store location by working with local Realtors, Landlords, Management Companies and/or leasing agents. Assist you in finding a prime location for your franchise business working properly.

    Amazing Help with Pre-Opening guide.

    We offer a Pre-Opening guide and checklist to notify you of the items to be taken care of prior to the opening of your store. We Offer business planning assistance with pre-opening instructions to take care before setting up your store.

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