Marketing Support

US Dollar Store provides Outstanding franchise marketing support programs to the franchisees !

Even as franchisors are responsible for building brand awareness and providing customizable marketing materials for their franchises, there’s only so much that a franchisor can do at national level. In order to effectively undertake local area marketing, franchisee’s needed not only to have the right materials but as well to understand how to effectively market themselves locally. US Dollar Store provides excellent franchise marketing support programs to the franchisees. They are tested and proven to successfully increase store traffic, grow sales, and build long-lasting relationships with customers. The marketing sales support programs include web lead generation, e-mail marketing, direct mailing advertisements, corporate promotions, local event planning, and public relations. All these are absolutely helpful to grow your business at wider level.

Our marketing team provides both national and local store marketing support for the brand and franchisees in India. We create a marketing plan each year, as well as conduct customer research to assess how we are going and any areas of opportunity for the brand.

Below are just some of the franchises marketing support techniques we use on a local and national level for our network:

Franchises marketing support techniques !

  • Online marketing (database marketing, email marketing, SEO and SEM, social media)
  • Creating customer loyalty programmes
  • Using sponsorship and events to build brand awareness and generate referral
  • Networking effectively
  • Building your profile using PR
  • Developing systems to measure effectiveness

Without exception, every major franchising company has Advertising Fund. This is not the case in the dollar store industry. US Dollar Store is the only dollar store franchise that operates and a Advertising Fund is a unique strength to this franchise. A Marketing Director runs the US Dollar Store.

Our typical franchise marketing plan will outline the specific marketing activities we recommend you take to generate leads, as well as the steps you will need to take in order to implement these marketing activities. This plan will cover the areas of public relations, social media, print advertising, direct mail, trade show attendance, internet utilization.

In addition to franchise marketing plans, the US Dollar Store has a complete in-house creative team specializing in marketing franchise opportunities.

US Dollar Store Franchise Attributes !

  • US Dollar Store consulting program can turn an inexperienced person into a seasoned merchant in a relatively short period of time
  • We assist in selecting your store location by working with local Realtors, Landlords, Management Companies and/or leasing agents.
  • We assist and support you in your lease negotiation.
  • We assist you in preparing your India business proposal including your business projections and cost analysis.
  • We inform you about various lending institutions available in your area.
  • We offer a Pre-Opening guide and checklist to notify you of the items to be taken care of prior to the opening of your store.
  • We make you learn how to stock and restock your store.
  • We do provide territory lock-up for your security of business.
  • We do support you in all type of advertisements you wish to release as per our advert policy. We assist you and help you with your Grand Opening.
  • Our in-store training program offers thorough training in retail sales. A professional trainer will be on hand to assist you.

Franchise Marketing Support !

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